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Renovation: Raise the roof

The roof of your property is like the hair on the back of your head: you don’t look at it very often and you tend to assume it’s doing its job, looking good and keeping you warm.

Any news to the contrary often comes as a nasty surprise. But luckily, you can easily repair or replace any bald patches in your roof, and with the right maintenance it will last a lifetime.

Most types of roofing should be cleaned every three years, whether with a light chemical treatment or a low-pressure water-blasting, says Christine Black at Kowhai Roof Coating’s head office. Metal and concrete tile roofs will need recoating around every 12 years.

Follow those directions and you should never need to replace your roof, Black says. But ignore your roof and you’ll start to see problems arise between years 10 and 15. If you then restore your roof it might cost you around $7,000, but continue to ignore it and the cost of reroofing will be at least $30,000.

In this month's NZ Property Investor renovation feature they tell you what the main problem areas for various roof types are, all about guttering and doing roof repairs yourself.

A lot of roofing work is restricted and must be completed by a licensed building practitioner who is specifically licensed in roofing work. You may be able to undertake minor repairs to your roof, like replacing tiles or reattaching guttering, but you need to know what you are doing and have appropriate safety equipment. Falls from roofs and ladders account for 70% of falls in construction, according to Worksafe.

A good relationship with a roofing company is a must, says investor and property trader Rachel Ward. Before she buys a property she always ensures the roof is in good condition, though she has had to reroof a few properties over the years.

She chooses long run metal roofing for its low-cost, low-maintenance qualities. This is the most popular material in New Zealand, but if you are re-roofing, there is a wide range of options to consider.

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