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Do I still need a signboard?

Signboards are one of the oldest ways to market a home or property.

In the era of online real estate portals and glossy property guides, vendors often question whether the old-fashioned signboard is a worthwhile endeavour.

A signboard is an important component of any integrated marketing campaign for your property. The signboard serves to signal your property is for sale and attracts the attention of all potential buyers.

While having a presence on the internet or in the press is very important when selling a property, not all buyers find properties through the mass media like these – for example, in many cases local residents look quietly for local properties for a change in size or location or as an investment.

Importantly, the signboard serves to capture potential buyers who may not be looking for properties in print or online searches. Buyers often find signboarded properties of interest when driving to the shops, to friends’ houses, the football or work.

Signboards are an investment in your biggest investment – your home

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